50 classiques de Talib Kweli

50 bijoux de l’un des meilleurs paroliers du Hip-Hop.


Get by

The Proud

Move Somethin’

Where Do We Go

Everything Man

Black Star – Definition


Two & Two

Gutter Rainbows

Reflection Eternal – Eternalists

Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)

More Or Less

Momma Can You Hear Me?


Friends & Family

Reflection Eternal – Love Language

Human Mic

State Of Grace

Hot Thing


Reflection Eternal – Good Mourning

Black Star – Re:Definition

Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me)

Good To You

Wont You Stay

Fly That Knot

Say Something

Shock Body

Talk to You (Lil Darlin)

Reflection Eternal – The Blast


The Beast

Reflection Eternal – In This World

Eat To Live


What I Seen

Rare Portraits

Reflection Eternal – Too Late

Going Hard

I Try

Ms. Hill

Holy Moly

Reflection Eternal – Africa Dream

Around My Way

Never Been In Love

Beautiful Struggle

Fallen Star

Push Thru

Four Women

Black Star – Respiration

Black Star – Astronomy

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